VMware have now released the full version of VMware Infrastructure Toolkit 1.0

By , 19 august, 2008 10:05

With the VI toolkit you can automate standard management tasks like cloning, moving, starting or stopping virtual machines and hosts true PowerShell. VI Toolkit takses advantage of the exisiting VMware Infrastructure SDK and translate it into a PowerShell interface.


After you have installed PowerShell and VI Toolkit on your computer, you have to add the VI Toolkit powershell snapin:

# List the snappins you allready have installed:
PS C:\> get-pssnapin

# List registered snapins:
PS C:\> Get-PSSnapin -Registered

# Add the VMware.VimAutomation.Core snappin:
PS C:\> Add-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core

# Connect to your Virtual Center server:
PS C:\> Get-VIServer x.x.x.x -User admin -Password xxxxxxx

# List virtual maschines who are powered on:
PS C:\> get-vm | Where-Object {$_.powerstate -eq ‘PoweredOn’}

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